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This is officially the first 2011 post I have made :D

2011-05-03 22:20:43 by wolfinator-x

And officially the first thing I post on this website since 2009. Probably the last until 2013.

Ahh, looking back at my old movies. The nostalgia. The self-loathing ;)

My movies cause embarrassment inside me now (bowel movements likewise), even when nobody is around to watch.

Now I'm not the nerd I used to be on Newgrounds. I shred electric guitar nowadays, and am in college. Probably not studying as much as I can. Kicks fuckin' ass.

I also live in Beverly Hills in a mansion full of Playboy Playmates to whom I make love to every day.

It's still nice to log on every now and again. I feel like a veteran... who did nothing in war except put whoopie cushions on the drill Sergent's office chair for shits n' giggles.

Sooooooo, what's changed in the NG community?